West London Action 

In June 2016, I visited three sites in London, a menhir in Kensal Green Cemetery, St Agnes Holy Well in Kensington Gardens and the Holocaust Memorial in Hyde Park, leaving offerings to repair internal energies and as a transference of energy from one state to another, from leaf to rock, to well to water.


West Kennet Action 

On Tuesday 15th October 2019, I visited West Kennet River, Wiltshire, England. I waded a river to Swallowhead Spring, the confluence of two rivers which since ancient times has represented the Goddess, I had constructed a shame box, and spoke into it, sealed it with moss collected from the river and sat it in the water to purify it and then on a face-rock in the river.

I took water from the river in a bowl, visited the spring head behind, and walked along a path and up the hill to West Kennet Long Barrow. Turning back, the bowl described Silbury Hill inversely. A reflection in the bowl, a face. 

I blindfolded myself, tied an amulet on my palm and entered the barrow, set a stopper in the first left guardian chamber and asked permission to enter, took a tin with past artefacts and an old knife into the fifth chamber and set it as an offering. I poured the water from the bowl over the end corballed wall as an act of healing, to heal the rift between east and west and open up a communication with the past. I spoke into a wish box and sealed it with moss. 

This was a healing action, to connect the past to the future, to heal the rift between east and west, to open up a dialogue with ancestors.












Llandin Action 

Parliament Hill, Llandin, in London was the original seat of power for Neolithic tribes, a man-made hill with a prehistoric barrow built in 2,500-3,000 BC. 

Llandin became the city's name, Llan meaning sacred, and din meaning eminence, represented the pregnant goddess. I filled a box with water from the source of the Westbourne, Tyburn and Fleet Rivers at Whitestone Pond on Hampstead Heath. The box was insulated with rubber, giving warm and protection and filled it with moss from Swallowhead Spring. The moss acted as a filter. Sea urchin shell from Carrickalinga Beach in South Australia was placed inside with the moss to further to detoxify and purify the water.

On Saturday 26th October 2019, the box was taken from Whitestone Pond, filled with water, and carried along the processional avenue of Elm Avenue to an ancient barrow  just north of Parliament Hill,  and walked three times around it, widdershins, a symbol of the Goddess was drawn on a tree. The box was taken to Parliament Hilland water poured from it, a transference of energy from a yielding water to hard stone/earth that absorbs and swallows. An attempt at restoration of democracy with a rebalancing of energetic form.









Ludgate Hill Action

On 31st October, 2019, a time when the portals to the underworld are opened and a sacrifice of a yearly King would replenish the earth I visited the Thames, the Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is situated on the site of an ancient stone circle at Ludgate Hill.

Nearby is the site of the Sanctuary, a place of learning, which taught men and women the mysteries of the Universe. It is now part of the derelict Christian Sanctuary of the Collegiate Church of St. Martin-le-grand.

The Tower of London, known as Bryn Gwyn, or the Hill of Light, anchors the energy in its geometric connection to Llandin and Tothill. It is the head of the body of this land and connects directly to the soul and Goddess particle. 

I visited the Thames, then the Tower and St Paul's. I went to the sanctuary and spoke words into the box and sealed it with moss from Swallowhead Spring. I gained a vision of a pointed shape which led me back to Kensal Green Cemetery.


Kensal Green Action

The dodecahedron, connected to the soul, is a recent model for the shape of the Universe.Returning to Kensal Green Cemetery on Friday 8th November 2019, where I started with the first action, I took water to the menhir and poured it on the face of the stone as a healing action.