West London Offering Action 

In June 2016, I visited three sites in West London, a menhir in Kensal Green Cemetery, the ancient site of St Agnes Holy Well in Kensington Gardens and the Holocaust Memorial in Hyde Park. Leaves from nearby trees and bushes were left in arrangements as an offering and healing. This preparation of spirit in an act of contrition was the ground work for further actions. Each of these monuments represents a fracture in the earth and society; offerings were placed to heal these rifts in the landscape and to appease the energy which breaks forth. 

The importance of the action is a repair of internal energies, to redirect them towards new thinking, to construct a framework that could hold the necessary purpose needed for further exploration. The transference of energy from one state to another, from leaf to rock, to well, to water, reflects the movement of past to future, and is the beginning .  



West Kennet Healing Action 

On Tuesday 15th October 2019, I visited West Kennet, Wiltshire, England. I waded the river to Swallowhead Spring, spoke into a shame box, sealed it with moss, collected water in a bowl and walked up to West Kennet Long Barrow. 

The barrow is the oldest monument in an area containing Silbury Hill, Avebury Circle, the Avenue and Sanctuary; it dates to 3,000 BC and was sealed in 2,500 BC with nine layers of earth, vegetation and contained human and animal bones. The barrow is a representation of the Goddess in her winter form. The cup when turned to Silbury Hill former an inversion and counterpoint to the pregnant Goddess belly of the hill. 

I blindfolded myself, entered the barrow, lay a cork stopper at the entrance to the guardian chamber, set a tin with artefacts and a knife in the fifth chamber and poured the water from the bowl over the end corballed wall as an act of healing, to heal the rift between east and west and open up a communication with the past, in the same way we try to contact others in the Universe to ultimately seek help. After I spoke into a wish box and sealed it with moss. 

The importance of the action is in a context of a personal decision to try and communicate with ancestors. The water, the blindfold, the pouring, the barrow, the artefacts are the manifestation of an offering from my past in order to heal myself; to connect the rift between mind and action and bring about unity. Swallowhead Spring has a surround of chalk layers in a horseshoe shape reflected in the corballing  in the barrow between the menhirs. The spring feeds two rivers which form the ancient symbol of Goddess. 












Llandin Purification Action 

To purify the toxins that have built up in Parliament Hill, original seat of power for Neolithic tribes, a man-made hill with a prehistoric barrow 2,500-3,000 BC, one of the holy hills of London. Llandin, which name became the city's name, Llan meaning sacred, and din meaning eminence, represented the pregnant goddess.

Primrose Hill and its partner the Barrows next to it (now flattened) were man-made holy sites. There was a holy site at Tower Hill, a stone circle where St Paul’s cathedral now lies. When the Trojan King, Brutus, was exiled to Albion he added a temple to this site dedicated to the Greek Goddess of light, Artemis. A little to the south east, a menhir, the London Stone, marked converging magnetic lines and marked the sightline for the rising winter sun on Solstice. It was also where all distances across Britain were measured from.  Tower Hill, where the Tower of London now sits, was once called Bryn Gwyn, or white or holy hill, is where Brutus is buried. Tothill, tot meaning holy, was sited near present day parliament at Horseferry Road. Nearby Vincent Square is where the Game of Troy was played on horseback. 

Llandin, Tothill and Bryn Gwyn form a perfect right-angle triangle when lines are drawn between them. The action was to take a blue hand-made hop[e box and fill it with water from the source of the Westbourne, Tyburn and Fleet Rivers, the three great lost rivers of London. This source is at Whitestone Pond on Hampstead Heath. The city has built up toxins that need purification. Political waters are stagnant, the energy flow has been distributed. The action attempts to purify an ancient seat of power and reach back to ancestors to try to open a communication asking for help to heal. 

I made a blue hope box, insulated it with rubber to give warm and protection and filled it with moss from Swallowhead Spring in Wiltshire, close to Silbury Hill. The moss acts as a filter. Sea urchin shell from Carrickalinga Beach in South Australia was placed inside with the moss to help further to detoxify and purify the water.

On Saturday 26th October 2019, the box was taken to Whitestone Pond and filled with water and carried to the barrow in Parliament Hill. I walked through Hampstead Heath, along the processional avenue of Elm Avenue. I visited the ancient barrow and walked three times around it widdershins,  drew the symbol of the Goddess on a tree in white chalk and left a blue chalk offering. The box was taken to the ancient seat of power at the apex of Llandin, in sight of modern day Parliament and St Paul’s Cathedral, which takes its domed appearance from the sacred eminence. The purified water was poured from the hope box there. 

The importance of the action is a personal wish to detoxify and purify thought. The open box is to let higher thoughts in, to provide a place, empty of persuasion which can become a repository of new thinking. Font is the archaic English and Latin word for spring. It is also represents a place where an anointing takes place.  In French it has the meaning of to melt. This melting of a water into the ground forms the main understanding of the action. For the mind to become free through the melting of its confused form into the natural action of life. There is also the action of drawing poison out, a transference of energy from a yielding water to hard stone/earth that absorbs and swallows. A restoration of democracy with a rebalancing of energetic form.










London Protective Action

The collection of the last of knowledge on 31st October, a time when a sacrifice of a yearly King would replenish the earth. The night of Samhain is when the portals to the underworld are opened. Neolithic passage tombs in Ireland are aligned to the rising sun on November 1st. In prehistory and into the Celtic world the day lasted from sunset to sunset. The importance of the action is the collection of knowledge in a white box and the transportation of it to the next dawn. By holding onto this knowledge it can be reborn again with new energy. This will become a releasing action. Traditionally neatsfire was fire made by friction and used to light Samhain bonfires. The act of the energy of humankind transferred into wood and fire. This becomes a replenishing action as knowledge from the circle on Ludgate Hill and the protective aspect of Tower Hill contain understanding. Using hands to build the box transfers energy into the process. In the same way that the blue hope box carried water impregnated with seeds from Whitestone Pond, a portent of new beginnings finding succour on Parliament Hill, the white box collects learning from the principle sacred monuments of Britain.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is situated on the site of a stone circle, and the nearby Sanctuary, a place of learning, now part of the derelict Christian Sanctuary of the Collegiate Church of St. Martin-le-grand, hold the heart of the country. It took twenty years to learn the mysteries at the sanctuary, held in an oral tradition. These words are contained in the foundations as trees to their roots. 

The Tower of London known as Bryn Gwyn or the Hill of Light, anchors the energy in its connection to Llandin and Tothill. It is the head of the body of the land and connects directly to the soul and Goddess particle, the creative force we all possess. It acts as a stopper, to hold in this knowledge. 

To capture and preserve learning, to keep it safe over the time of the opening of the doors to the underworld, to preserve and prevent reason for escaping into chaos. This is a protective action, in a time of crisis, to preserve the foundations of democracy and law built on morality and ethics. To collect and hold on to the principles of unity. As an emergency action, to gather heart and head for the future.

As a personal action, the importance is contained in the need to secure the principles of living in harmony with both the land and its inhabitants; to recognise the values inherent in society which allow us to move freely as fortunate people imbued with the promise of restoration. To hold fast to the light. To protect rights. 

I visited the Thames, to give energy to the box, then the Tower, obliterated now by a capping power of battlements, it’s energy weak but still the feeling of light shooting skyward informed my progression. I went to the sanctuary and listened to words spoken and spoke these words into the box and sealed it with moss from Swallowhead Spring. I add protection at the point of Paul’s Cross, in St Paul’s graveyard, the middle of the ancient stone circle, as the sun set. The box contains a projection, connecting the past to future acts. A safe to contain a secret for tomorrow.



Kensal Green Cemetery Heart Action

After my experience at the Sanctuary on Ludgate Hill where I saw an image of a pointed triangular shape whilst with eyes shut I heard words, I looked for that hill in the landscape.  I also moved from a cube, connected in Greek science to the earth, to another Platonic solid, this time the dodecahedron, connected to the soul, which is made from five sided shapes or pentagons and has twelve faces. If you take a pentagon and connect all the points to form a five pointed star the ratio of the lengths of the resulting line segments are all based on phi. A recent model for the shape of the Universe describes it as finite and shaped like a dodecahedron. There are just five Platonic solids, each with equal internal angles and identical faces, based on the triangle, square and pentagon. 

Returning to Kensal Green Cemetery on Friday 8th November 2019, where I started with the first healing action, I took water to the menhir there and poured it on the triangular face of the stone as a healing action for my cousin's heart that had just been replaced. This was an action to help his recovery.  





 ©Jack Davies 2019